Red Rain

This short film was made in 48 hours for the 'Sci-Fi 48 Hour Film Challenge 2011'. We were given a title (Red Rain), a prop (a plate of biscuits) and a line of dialogue ("If I have to go tomorrow I'd rather leave early.") on Saturday morning and we had to deliver the finished film on Monday morning.

It was stressful, knackering and at points completely chaotic...but it was also loads of fun. We aimed to make a short that was funny and entertaining and hopefully we got close. A massive thanks to everyone who gave up most (if not all) of their weekend to help out, you made it what it is.

Written by Simon Russell and Andy Martin
Directed by Andy Martin
Produced by Simon Russell
Starring Nick Blood, Imogen Doel, Ben Whybrow and Ben Deery
Visual Effects Ashley Pay
Music Andy Martin
Camera Evan Pugh
Audio Design Josh Roberts
Edited by Felix Black and Nicola Jude
Graphics by Simon Russell
Make Up by Kiri Mellalieu, Sofhie Clark and Michelle Hutley
Props by Janka Slawik
Runner Robbie Ash