The Waste Land, T.S.Elliot

I drew these six illustrations for the magazine LBIQ. The issue was based around T.S. Elliot's epic poem 'The Waste Land'. The six illustrations reflect the six sections of the poem. Numerous visual references are hidden within so if you're familiar with the poem you should see many hidden trinkets. With thanks to Bob Newton for the commission and creative help!

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1. The Thames.

2. Burial Of The Dead.

3. The Game Of Chess.

4.The Fire Sermon.

5. Consider Phlebas

6. What The Thunder Said

  • Here's a link to the poem

  • It's hard work and took me a few readings to get under it's skin but it is awesome. "I will show you fear in a handful of dust".

    Here's a time lapse of me drawing, done on my Ixus.

    Timelapse 'The Waste Land' from Simon Russell on Vimeo.